It’s really simple.  We love food.

We believe that great food is for everyone. With that in mind, our collection of Pacific Northwest stores shares one mission: providing our customers with fresh, flavorful and local foods. Although we have different store names, we share the same commitment to the best value and selection.

We know food. We know people are especially busy these days, and we want to help. We have mouthwatering prepared foods when home cooking isn’t an option. But we also have a wide choice of ingredients to take a meal from inspiration to satisfaction.

Our team is constantly on the hunt for the newest food trends and the best buys for favorites. The world of food is enormous, and we are delighted when we can introduce customers to something new and wonderful.

Really Local is our hallmark. We are leaders in buying produce and food items from local growers, and by Really Local, we mean 35 miles or closer to our stores. We are able to bring in foods just picked, or artisan brands that may only be available in small batches. Local means fresher, and we always look first to our local farmers for the choicest foods that, no surprise, taste the best.

We are proud to provide family wage jobs for our team members, and to support our communities through our donation programs. As one of the first businesses to offer rebates for reusing grocery bags, we aggressively recycle everything we can, aiming towards no waste at all. A healthy, sustainable business means a healthy and sustainable community, and that’s our goal.

Thank you for visiting us and for shopping at our local Northwest stores. We want to earn your loyalty by delivering the finest fresh food experience every single day.